Just like new.

We were given the chance to work with Rags to Riches to promote vibrant recycled earrings, crafted by Emma Ferla, who currently works in the Rags to Riches studio. As we found that our product was created from old, recycled bottle tops, it gave us the chance as fashion design students to think creatively, and re-iterate the adverse effects that plastic pollution has on the Earth today.

Photographer: Monta Taurina

Model: Shannon Hughes

Creative Director: Reece Wilson

Stylist: Klaudia Skwarczynska

Graphic Designer: Emily Yeung



We carefully planned what direction we wanted to take, and knew that we wanted to discover and push the creative capabilities behind this idea that plastic is taking over the world. Here, our model is smothered in plastic, to represent that growing litter in our cities and oceans.


As the creative director, Reece had to think of a variety of compositions for the photoshoot. We soon mutually agreed that the white tiles inside the empty swimming pool suited best, as our product looks strongest against the contrasting colour.

(No more Plastic)

Our model, Shannon, was required to wear no makeup for the shoot, as this would distract the viewer from the product. The ‘minimal’ look further suited the shoot because of the neutral tones of the background.


Our project was based in Govanhill Baths, one of Glasgow’ s heritage buildings. The whole experience of visiting the Govanhill Baths, and working with a recycled product,  made us value the experience greatly because we gained a wider knowledge of the building’s current uses and future plans, as well as the vital importance of recycling and reusing our garments. 






Kath // Rags 2 Riches // Govan Hill Baths


HND 1 students Zoe Malley, Luukas Nuotio, Rose Reilly, Adrianna Subda and Kirsty Maitland have worked as a group with rags to riches to create a project based on using more recyclable materials to create accessories within fashion. We worked with designer Kath form Rags 2 Riches and she gave us one of her pieces which was made from recycled ring pulls.

You can buy her pieces at the rags to riches store: 455 Victoria road, queens park, Glasgow G42 8rw

IMG_2703Rags 2 riches are a company which focus’ on supporting soul traders who use environmentally friendly techniques and materials to create their garments and accessories. This is seen through items such as necklaces. bracelets and rings with recycled along with t-shirts and ring pulls.

We were given the opportunity to go Govan Hill Baths to doa photoshoot so we were able to create a poster to promote Kath’s work being sold at Rags 2 Riches.


This is one of our final posters. We feel like this image pulls peoples attention on the piece we were given and showcases the simplicity and softness of our shoot. Wanted our model to have hair and makeup which was simple too emphasise the product and shed light on the fact that this accessory is unisex.


Rags 2 Riches enquiries: 0141 433 2999
Model: Andie Nicholls
Creative Director:        Adrianna Subda
Stylist:       Luukas Noutio        (luukas.nuotio@hotmail.com)
Photgrapher:      Rose Reilly               (rosiereilly639@gmail.com)
Graphic Desginer:       Kirsty Maitlane      (kirstymaitlane123@gmail.com)
Hair and Make up:       Zoe Flynn Malley   (flyndamalley@gmail.com)

Bags To Riches

top picWe have been given the opportunity to collaborate with Rags to Riches and Govanhill Baths and given the chance to photograph one of the many items on sale in their store. Rags to Riches are passionate about upcycling products. They specialise in repurposing old items and transforming them into new and improved clothes and accessories.

pic 1pic 2pic 3


The bag photographed is one opic 4f the items on sale in their store in Govanhill. This bag in particular is made from old coffee bean bags and has been turned into a quirky, everyday tote. By keeping the lettering from the original coffee bean bag, it keeps the recycled element tied in and showcases a cool look for whoever may style this piece. We love the pop of colour they use for the handle and think it adds another cool element to the bag. Like everything in the store these bags are made from reused items, limiting the waste produced. This has been a very enjoyable project for our team which we loved being part of.




Kaitlyn Callaghan- Model

Humera Rana- Photographer

Kati Hibbert and Zoe Campbell- Creative/ Art Director

Sareh Kheiri- Graphic Designer

Shelley Anderson- Stylist


Amelia Rowe X Rags To Riches X Govanhill Baths

main pic

Glasgow Clyde College students Maya Wilson as creative director, Zoe Leith as fashion stylist, Iona Yost as graphic designer, Isafe Tiku as photographer and Giselle Mackenzie as art director have collaborated with the Rags to Riches social project to highlight the implications of human waste to our planet. We feel this is a huge topic that needs far more discussion for the benefit of future generations. We have teamed up specifically with local artist Amelia Rowe to promote her line of eco-friendly beetle brooches and magnets she produces using waste materials aluminium cans she sources from all over the world. You can buy these influential pieces at the rags to riches store 455, Victoria Road, Queen’s Park, Glasgow G42 8RW.


2nd pic

3rd pic

Rags to riches is a socially driven initiative of upcycling professionals with the aim of inspiring and upskilling people within the local community. Rags to riches paved the way for our introduction to Govanhill baths, our spectacular backdrop to our photoshoot. Govanhill baths really brought in to focus our message of what is old can still be truly special and entirely relevant. These pictures were used in our poster we feels truly encapsulates the fantastic work Amelia Rowe does. Rags to riches offer an Outreach Service, for enquiries please contact: venuehire@govanhillbaths.com

last pic


Printed Bags

Clothes were once used as protective garments and to keep warm are now used to express identity and personality. However our society has become obsessed with ‘buying more’ which has had a detrimental affect on our planet and human beings. 

For our HND Fashion and Design course we were given a task to advertise an ethical brand from ‘Rags to Riches’ who are a retail store offering upcycled goods and workshops.

bags 1 water colour

The printed bags are bright and unique and during the photoshoot they spoke for themselves. Hung from the walls, doors and hooks we managed to capture the tribal patterns from the bags. 








Rags To Riches Project


Beth From Cast on Glasgow Items In the above picture!

After researching into the social issues and devastation that is caused by fast fashion all of our team were very focused and driven with this project as it was something close to our heart.

Rags To Riches is an upcycling project which stocks a range of different items for sale by 36 different artisan’s.

We were working with Beth from Cast On Glasgow who makes a variety of items using recycled fabric.

We worked together to create a marketing campaign to show off Beth’s designs and incorporated elements of Govanhill Baths, showing the theme something old to something new.

Our team was

Anthony Bartley – Photographer

Michael Cuthbertson – Art Director

Carina Pratt – Creative Director/Makeup & Hair

Rachel Cunningham – Fashion Stylist

Lauren Buckley – Creative Member

Model – Carla

We had a successful photoshoot working together as a team and creating a strong concise finished product that we all agreed on.






Revolutionising through ‘Replastico’

Untitled-1We are currently studying fashion design at Glasgow Clyde College. In our class professional design practice we were put into groups and given the task to promote upcycled items made by designers who work at ‘Rags to Riches’ in Govanhill. The item manufactured is by Laura- studio pop bag. Who is very talented in her work with her vibrant and unique ways.

Model – Eilidh Arbuthnot

Creative Director – Zara Bell

Photographer – Gemma Afleck

Stylist – Annie Abercromby

Graphic Designer – Eilidh Arbuthnot







On arrival to Govanhill baths we were greeted by Blanch one of the designers at Rags to Ritches and she provided us with the room and backdrop we wanted. Our model Eilidh was dressed by our stylist Annie and she made finishing touches to the over all look. Next Zara the Creative Director focused on positioning the model and perfecting the poses and positions for the shoot. Gemma our photographer then began to take many photos at various angles. focusing on our product.


During the photoshoot we arranged the product to show the concept of the old destroyed facilities and how up cycled garments take on a new form.  The aim is to allow people to see how products can be well made, reasonably priced and unique.


Studying HND Fashion at Glasgow Clyde College, for our Professional Design Practice Unit, we were instructed to promote a designer whos aim was to produce upcycled garments and accessories. Based at Govanhill Baths, we were allocated with one of Gail Powers’ colourful, midi dresses. Powers garments are all produced by only her and sold through ‘Rags to Riches’, a upcycled shop also based in Govanhill.

Model: Niamh Ferguson

Graphic Designer: Ross Bradley

Photographer: Danielle Crichton

Art Director: Rebecca Dymond

Stylist: Despoina Choutzoumi

Creative Director: Niamh Gordon

Social Media: daniellecrichton, niamh.gordon, rossb_designs, depy_choo, rebeccadymond_


Above is one of our final posters we created. We selected a model before the photoshoot with unique features to link in with the fluorescent garment. We feel as though our models neon hair contrasted well with the red and green on the garment as well as her make-up, in which we aimed for it to be as bright and colourful as possible so that the overall image would stand out.


When entering the baths we already prepared our location points and the overall image we were looking to create. Taking previous inspiration from our mood board, we instantly thought that our model will fit in will with the image we were trying to achieve. Niamh, the creative director, provided the neon make-up, we decided to go with a blue/orange eye, brush orange brow gel through her brows and also line her lips with a bold red liner. Afterwards, Despoina began to style the garment. Rebecca brought in her black, leather biker jacket and black chunky Doc Martins as we thought this would contrast well with the grungy but colourful look we were trying to achieve. In addition, we decided to style the garment off the shoulder and back-to-front as we thought this would benefit the overall look. Once the photoshoot began, we all contributed individual ideas within the group and what positions we thought the model should do. Our photographer Danielle then began to shoot, focusing on the garment and capturing the overall vibe we created.

Our aim was to gather images in which portrayed Power’ designs to be striking and modern, thus in which would attract markets of all ages, not just one in particular.


Gail Powers collection of fashion garments and accessories are overall proving that the fashion industry can produce upcycled, ethical, unique products in which are fashionable and also wearable.